Attractions in & near Arches National Park

The Arches National Park lies outside of Moab, Utah. Covering 73,000 acres of arid desert country, the park features over 2,000 unusual sandstone formations that range in size. The many shapes of the formations include arches, balanced rocks and pinnacles. The spectacular scenery throughout the park provides guests with prime opportunities for photographs while journeying around the landscape reminiscent of a Hollywood western. Paved roads meander in a round trip route that covers 48 miles. Biking and hiking trails venture to various locations in the central portion of the park.

One attraction near Arches National Park includes the Castle Creek Winery. The winery lies along the Colorado River overlooking picturesque white water rapids and red sandstone cliffs. The site and memorable scenery belong to the Red Cliff's Adventure Lodge, a real working ranch. Guests have the opportunity of touring the winery and learning about the wine making process beginning with the harvesting and crushing of the grapes through the production line and finally to the wine tasting area.

The Dan O' Laurie Museum in Moab tells the region's history from prehistoric times through the days of European exploration. The many artifacts from the ancient Ute Indian people include everything from jewelry and textiles to pottery and tools. An exhibit also includes a typical long house. Learn about the Spanish missionaries and discover the vast array of dinosaur bones found in the area, which include prehistoric sharks. Many displays offer the opportunity of a hands-on experience.

Red Cliffs Lodge is one of the must see attractions near Arches National Park for visitors interested in the movie history of the area. Beginning in the late 1940s, John Ford chose the location as the backdrop for numerous movies because of the spectacular beauty he discovered. The selection of recent movies filmed in the area includes City Slickers, Thelma and Louise, and John Carter. Red Cliff's Lodge houses a movie museum with exhibits that include still movie photographs and a variety of memorabilia dating from the early western movies to the present.

Journeying from the Court House Wash in the Arches National Park along the Colorado River and into the local golf course, visitors have the opportunity of viewing many different Indian rock art sites. The ancient Paleo-Indians to the more recent Ute Native American cultures created the petroglyphs and pictographs represented on the rock formations. The artwork depicts typical daily activities of the cultures and features everything from animals and plant life to people. The prized sites vary in measurement with the largest panel standing 12 feet tall and 100 feet wide.