Getting Around Arches National Park

When arriving to the Arches National Park, travelers have several transportation options. They may fly into Moab's Canyonland Field Airport on a small aircraft as the facility offers daily service from Denver. Several other nearby airports include the Salt Lake International Airport, Walker Field, which is located in Grand Junction Colorado and is about a two-hour drive to the park, and the Denver International Airport.

Travelers who prefer a road trip may consider driving to the Arches National Park. Its location is just five miles north of Moab, UT, and visitors will be driving along the picturesque US Highway 191. The roadway features red, orange and purple sandstone pillars along with natural desert landscaping.

The Arches National Park features numerous hikes to unique environmental structures such as The Double Arch. Therefore, a popular way to visit is by car since picture worthy hikes are often several miles apart. When renting a car, visitors should consider a four-wheel drive vehicle as the terrain is rough, and the park's trails are located on dirt roads.

Once visitors arrive in Moab, they may reserve a spot with one of the area's privately operated tour companies. Several groups have permission to drive guests into the park, and a guide will join the tour to provide detailed historical information along with directions to the area's sites.

Visitors to the Arches National Park will have the chance to view the awe inspiring landscaping from the comfort of their automobiles. However, in order to see sights like The Delicate Arch, travelers will need to hike. In fact, the park features a large number of hiking trails. With the area's desert climate, visitors who arrive during the spring, summer or fall may experience hot temperatures. Therefore, hiking in the morning or evening hours is recommended.

When visiting the Arches National Park, travelers may view the sights on a bicycle. This form of transportation will give them the chance to see more of the park. Travelers should consider the hot climate when selecting this option and use caution, as they'll be sharing the road with vehicles.

A bike ride can result in a view of the Petrified Dunes, which travelers will find just off of the main park road. The sight's location is between the Windows Area and the Courthouse Towers. The remarkable destination's ancient sand dunes are solidified stone with more layers formed over them.